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This all in the library ... The information on Gedcom, Errata, Genealogical information and on families doing research is now available on line. Errata Family Research Genealogical Publications GEDCOM Archive Below is a list of GEDCOMs that were submitted to GISA by private researchers. GISA takes no responsibility for, nor answer any enquiries regarding, the content of the GEDCOMs. Kindly address all enquiries regarding the content of the GEDCOMs to the relevant contributor/researcher where listed. GISA may also use the information contained in the GEDCOMs for inclusion in the publication of the SAG series. If you have a GEDCOM that you would like to add to this collection, please .......... Contributions to the GEDCOM Archive Many researchers do not have the means of publishing their research. GISA encourages those researchers to contribute their research in the form of a GEDCOM file for publication on this site for the benifit of GISA and the public. Contributions must be in the form of a GEDCOM file, preferably "ZIP"ed. E-mail contributions as an attachment to the webmaster, . Kindly mention the "top ten" surnames. Have you submitted your family's genealogical data to GISA? Ensure that it will be included in the SA Genealogical Registers by providing it to GISA See the links on the left under Library