Own Research

GISA has a Reading Room at the disposal of researchers for conducting their own research. It is open on week days Monday to Friday from 08h00 until 15h00 as from the 1st July 2015. GISA is open all year round except between Christmas and New Year, and on public holidays.  See below on which Saturdays the office will be open. A list of genealogical and family history books which are available in the GISA library can be seen here. The facilities (sources, microfiche readers, computers for research activities etc) are available at the following tariffs:
(a)  R40-00 per hour up to a maximum of R150-00 per day
(b)  R600-00 per week
(c)     R2800-00 per year
Registered pre-graduated students pay R10-00 per hour on presenting proof of registration to a maximum of R80-00 per day.
Monies are payable during visit.

Freelance Research
New service to researchers
Researchers who are not able to visit the offices of GISA in Stellenbosch, can contact GISA to do the research for them at a tariff.  You can send your nformation available to you as well as a detailed request of the information needed to

December - Office will be closed from 28th December 2015 until and including the 8th January 2016